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Housing Shock

The Irish Housing Crisis and How to Solve it

Preface: COVID, housing and homelessness

Foreword: Special Rapporteur for Housing ~ Leilani Farhi;

Introduction: a new housing crisis;

Generation Rent;

Homelessness: the most extreme inequality;

The normalisation of homelessness;

Working for social justice: community, activism and academia;

The neoliberal roots of the current crisis;

The new waves of financialisation: vultures and REITs;

Inequality and financialisation;

The lost decade of social and affordable housing: austerity and marketisation;

The people push back: protests for affordable homes for all;

The right to an affordable, secure and decent home for all;

A Green New Deal for Housing: affordable sustainable homes and communities for all.

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Housing & Homelessness Expertise & Solutions

Academic Research & Policy Experience in addressing poverty & inequality

Active commitment to pursuing real change for equality, inclusion and sustainability


Experience & issues

I am an Assistant Professor/Lecturer in Social Policy in the Department of Applied Social Studies, Maynooth University. I am a published author, researcher, policy analyst and active campaigner on issues of housing, inequality, politics, social policy, and human rights. I am also a busy dad with four children, ages 11 months, 4, 6 and 15.

I advocate for: 

A Plan and policies to end homelessness – Setting up a Home Building Agency

A referendum to insert the Right to Housing in the Constitution

A Poverty Act to set targets and plan to eliminate poverty by 2030

A Green New Deal measures to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% per annum and achieve a socially just transition

Measures to support marginalised groups in society & end discrimination particularly, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, social class – Measures to achieve an equal society

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Social Justice

I have consistently highlighted the devastating personal, societal and economic impacts of the housing crisis, and researched, developed, and proposed many solutions

I work to highlight solutions that can address our unacceptable levels of inequality and poverty, promote a universal quality public health system, affordable and quality childcare, for an adequately supported and funded higher education system.


About me

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I am a passionate, articulate and informed voice concerned with the most pressing issues facing our country: poverty and inequality, housing and homelessness, a failing health service, the climate crisis, the need for better public services. My track record as both an academic, policy analyst and a campaigner on these issues is exceptional.



Recent publications, policy initiatives and campaigns I have been involved in...

I am part of the steering group of the Home For Good Campaign which is campaigning for a Referendum to include the Right to Housing in the Constitution. Groups I have been working with in this campaign include, the Simon Communities, Focus Ireland, Threshold, the Mercy Law Centre and many others

I have written a book called ‘Housing Shock: The Irish Housing Crisis and How to Solve It – which is centred on making the case for a major shift in our housing system to provide a rights based, affordable, environmentally sustainable, and community orientated housing system. This will be published in June 2020

I have researched and highlighted with my colleague in Maynooth, Dr Mary Murphy, the devastating impact of homelessness on families and children, and proposed measures to end homelessness

And highlighted and raised the issue of the housing and homelessness articles in various media

My Blog

Reboot Republic Podcast

Almost two years ago I started a Podcast with Tony Groves to highlight the solutions to various social and economic crises, inequality, social exclusion, and climate change. Since then we have done over 100 episodes with interviews with many people from civil society and academia in Ireland and abroad including Naoimi Klein, the UN Rapportuer on the Right to Housing, the Children’s Ombudsman, the chair of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council, Richard Wilkinson author of the Spirit Level, Prof John Sweeney of Maynooth, the Irish Wheelchair Association, the Nevin Economic Research Institute, Dr Lorna Gold, and many more.

You can see and listen to the podcasts here:

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